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Custom orientation programs for new-hires
Job-specific training curricula
On-the-job training programs
Knowledge tests
Skills assessments
Competency models
Needs analysis

Examples of past projects

Partner Program for Account Managers

Deliverables: Implementation guides for regional managers, partners, and new hires; performance checklists for new hire to partner with experienced account manager in the field; and a discussion-starter document that includes graphic overview of job requirements and questions covering a broad range of business issues.

Audience: Regional Managers, Account Managers, New Hire Account Managers

Needs Analysis

Deliverables: Audit of existing training materials and alignment with business goals. Includes review and compilation of available training materials and services from external vendors in a course catalogue, plus materials for presentation of recommendations to management.

Audience: Field Account Managers

Home-Office Rotation program

Deliverables: Implementation guide and checklist for face-to-face orientation of new-hires to the roles and responsibilities of home-office personnel.

Audience: Field Account Managers

New-hire Integration Checklists

Deliverables: Checklists for first six months of compliance training and integration of new-hire into the workplace.

Audience: Laboratory scientists

New-hire Orientation Manual

Deliverables: Self-study training manual addressing frequently asked questions, drug development process, resource descriptions, key contacts, and administrative procedures/forms.

Audience: New or transferring laboratory scientists and their supervisors

Initial job training

Deliverables: Training agendas that incorporate presentations by internal content experts and external speakers. Includes activities that provide opportunities for application of new information to address specific work issues.

Audience: PharmD and MD clinical liaisons to field sales with specialities in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Anti-infectives, Oncology, Central Nervous System, Gastrointestinal System, and Respiratory System.

Departmental Overview

Deliverables: Brochure describing fundamental values and priorities of a department.

Audience: Recruits and new-hire laboratory scientists

Curriculum Guide

Deliverables: Document describing internal training courses, training materials, standard operating procedures, and resources available to scientists. All information is organized in the context of the job.

Audience: Entry-level pharmaceutical development scientists

Curriculum Recommendations

Deliverables: Document describing specifications of curriculum to meet specific business needs for training an Oncology sales force.

Audience: Director of Oncology Marketing, for use as a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit development bids from training professionals.

Activity Checklist

Deliverables: A checklist of specific job tasks for a new-hire to observe, and then demonstrate.

Audience: Medical Liaisons to Field Sales (MDs and PharmDs with expertise in HIV, Oncology, Central Nervous System, and Respiratory System)

Field-staff Partner Program

Deliverables: Set of documents that describes a process for new-hires in the field to work with several partners over the first few months on the job to observe and then demonstrate specific job tasks.

Audience: Documents include Regional Director's Guide, New-hire's Guide, Partner's Guide, activity checklists, discussion-starter questions, partner assignment sheets, and evaluation form.

Use of laboratory instruments

Deliverables: Sequenced list of tasks including "what to do" and "how to do it" for laboratory instrumentation and techniques.

Audience: New laboratory scientists

Written test items for standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Deliverables: Test items associated with standard operating procedures on the "must read" list for new hires.

Audience: Laboratory scientists

Hands-on activities for laboratory systems

Deliverables: Trainer and leaner instructions for hands-on exercises designed to demonstrate and document learner competence in the use of laboratory instrumentation.

Audience: Laboratory scientists

Assessment for sales field training

Deliverables: Performance analysis of critical job tasks to be performed by new-hires with guidance and feedback, prior to working on their own.

Audience: Account managers

Attributes of successful project coordinators

Deliverables: Description of the personal attributes that contribute to successful performance as a project coordinator in a research environment.

Audience: Project coordinators and their supervisors

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