Who we are

Joklik and Associates, LLC is owned and managed by Jean Joklik. The company operates through strategic partnerships with a network of independent contractors and businesses. We form project teams that bring the right combination of knowledge, skills and experience to meet your needs.

Jean Joklik, President

M.Ed. Educational Media and Instructional Design
B.S. Science Education

Educator since 1980; consultant in business and industry since 1988 with a primary focus on pharmaceuticals.

Our work philosophy

First and always, we listen to you. We learn about the work and the work environment from you. We combine our know-how with your industry knowledge and experience to develop business-relevant solutions. We work with you to bring clarity and focus to performance problems and training solutions, always viewing through the filter of your business challenges and desired business outcomes.

Our standard business practice

  1. Assess the match between your business needs and our services.
  2. Develop a clear and mutual understanding of your business goals and desired business outcomes.
  3. Identify and agree upon measures of success by which we can evaluate business impact.
  4. Determine the degree and balance of commitment to achieving the desired business outcomes among key individuals, groups, and your organization.
  5. Prepare a project plan that includes timeframes, responsibilities, and critical events.
  6. Form an advisory panel of internal content experts and business sponsors to keep the project focused and relevant to your business needs.
  7. Identify existing internal and external resources that could contribute to the overall success of the project.
  8. Develop recommendations, tools, and/or training materials as indicated by project plan.
  9. Determine the readiness of the individuals, groups, and your organization to implement recommendations or deliver the training.
  10. Transfer project-specific knowledge and skills into your organization to ensure a smooth transition from development to implementation.
  11. Evaluate our project success based on agreed-upon measures of success.

What we do:

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