Strategic Planning using Appreciative Inquiry

Interview protocol, data analysis and a strategic plan to build competencies, organizational structures and roles essential to support future initiatives for a not-for-profit foundation.

Volunteer checklists for homeless shelter

Task lists for morning and evening shifts of adult and teen volunteers to staff the kitchen, interact with guests, and serve meals for a one-week temporary housing set up in a sanctuary.

Laboratory Compliance Training Plan

A training plan designed to increase consistency of following test methods among laboratories and contract labs. Training strategies support development of knowledge and skills required to maintain data integrity and increase the number of "assays done right, first time."

Marketing Assessment Tools

A set of assessment tools for use by individuals and brand managers within a marketing division to determine training and development opportunities based on a well researched competency model.

Training Department Strategic Planning

Contributed to development of the strategic plan for a training and development department. Planned and facilitated departmental meeting to roll-out and refine the strategic plan. Developed support materials for meeting: handouts and slides. Participated in follow-up consultation with team members to develop tactics consistent with agreed strategy.

Training Department Tools, Templates and Documentation

A set of tools, templates and documentation designed to support assessment of training needs and project management of the design, development, implementation and evaluation of training programs. Tools included: vendor scorecard, proposal scorecard, request for quote, roll-out checklist, vendor selection process. Templates included: training needs analysis, training design plan, proposal template.

Multimedia Project Management

Managed the instructional design contribution to an interactive CD to accompany a college text for training Medical Assistants. Coordinated the development of design specifications, planning sheets, and storyboards template. Served as project liaison with the content expert, the instructional designers, the multimedia company and the publishing company.

Association Financial Management Tool

A tool and process for tracking, then reporting association finances to the board of directors. Designed and developed an Excel workbook to automate generation of monthly reports based on data entry of actual income and expenses as compared to approved budget by committee responsibility. Includes check register and documentation of merchant account deposits separated by category of income.

K-5 Math and Science Curriculum Survey

A survey instrument used with K-5 math and science teachers to identify priorities for enrichment activities. Results of the survey guide 2003-2004 parent volunteer activities in the following areas: classroom activities, grade level programs, lower school programs, and additional teaching resources.

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